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Channel 7 News slammed for ‘normalising’ a Nazi interview

Channel Seven has received backlash after they interviewed the leader of a far-right hate group without disclosing his previous criminal history.

Last Sunday night, Channel Seven aired footage of an exclusive meeting of far-right activists in Melbourne.

What has attracted criticism is the fact that they portrayed these organizations under a benign light, describing them as Melbourne “activists” who are “hoping to harness the power of social media to protect themselves and their families.”

The report said: “They have come together to help average Australians deal with what they are calling an immigrant crime crisis,” adding, “They’re hoping to create a kind of neighbourhood watch.”

Seven interviewed Blair Contrell, one of the leaders of the ‘United Patriots Front’, but completely omitted his criminal history. He was convicted in 2012 and 2013 for various offenses including arson, burglary, and damaging property, and is well known for his pro-Nazi views.

He has also previously expressed admiration for Hitler.

Channel Seven initially declined to comment about the controversial interview, but pressured by the response, news director Simon Pristel said last Monday:

“Seven News has reported on many meetings in the past couple of weeks held to discuss the African gang violence crisis, including governments, community leaders and police. Sunday’s meeting was newsworthy, so it was reported.”

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