Burger King’s new ad is as controversial as it is clever

If you ask the people at Burger King, they’d say their Whopper sandwich is to die for. But a new ad from the fast food has taken this belief quite too literally.

In a controversial advert called The Last Meal, a prison guard wheels a cart through the facility, passing an electric chair being prepped for use. He stops at a condemned prisoner’s cell, and then unveils the man’s final meal: a BK Whopper meal.

Another prison guard appears interested in the inmate’s meal, but he gets none of it. Or does he?

Burger King

Created by French agency Buzzman, the ad tries to point out how far some people will go for a Burger King Whopper. Of course, by making light of capital punishment, the video has been criticised for being insensitive and tasteless (no pun intended).

What do you think? Is Burger King’s ad clever or offensive?

Check out the video above to see how the much-talked-about advert ends.

Via The Drum

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