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This Chinese restaurant will let you eat in peace while your children play

It’s nothing like the dreadful “boyfriend bench” at clothing stores.

Great design is all about problem solving, and the folks at Chinese architecture firm X+Living knew exactly the problem they were tackling: dealing with your kids while you eat.

For those of us who haven’t experienced it firsthand, we’ve most certainly seen others in their suffering — in the supermarket, on the plane, at our favorite café, you name it. We’ve all been witness to the madness and embarrassment an unruly child brings upon their parents out in public.

Enter Neobio in Shanghai, a park that “offers a family-friendly dining space and plenty of features to keep children occupied, including a reading area with a forest theme to make children more relaxed and close to nature.”

“Beneath giant ‘balloons’ are different spaces where children can enjoy themselves, with a bubble pool, sand pit and toy area among its offerings… Slides, ladders and tunnels cover the restaurant, which boasts a pastel-themed décor that appeals both to infants and current interior trends.”

Clear, covered walkways link sections of the park, so adults can keep a close eye on their kids while still having the space to enjoy a meal.

Here’s a look inside:

#MODA_KIDS // #SHANGHAI is taking their luxury game to the next level launching the #Neobio restaurant. The 500 square-metre (5,382 sq.ft) restaurant was created by architect-designer Li Xiang and her team at X+Living. The Neobio restaurant is located at 3788 Duhui Rd, in the Minhang District of Shanghai #nextgen #asians #moda_luxury #luxurykids #moda

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It does look a bit like a human aquarium, but if it does the job and keeps the kids busy and safe, we’re not complaining.

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