Designer performs miraculous surgery on a butterfly’s broken wing

Romy McCloskey might be a professional costume designer and expert hand embroiderer, but judging from her life-saving work with a Monarch butterfly, she could also be a vet.

Recently, McClosky made headlines after photos of her surgery with an injured butterfly were posted online. The images show how she painstakingly sewed together the insect’s wings to give it a chance to fly once again.

According to McCloskey, her involvement with Monarch butterflies started when she found three caterpillars in her yard. Since then, she’s been raising them to help improve their population numbers, which has fallen in recent years.

To successfully pull off the operation, McCloskey prepared her surgery tools, such as a towel, a toothpick, a wire hanger, a cotton swab, contact cement, tweezers, scissors, talc powder, and an extra butterfly wing, which she obtained from another pet of hers that died just days prior.

Thankfully, with lots of patience and a delicate touch, McCloskey did it. The Monarch butterfly, which sustained its injury while pupating into its chrysalis, was able to fly and live out its life just like the others.

The most impressive thing here is that it was the first time McCloskey ever did surgery on one of her pet butterflies.

“I figured, since I do so much designing, cutting, and putting together of costumes… I could give this a go.”