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You can now grow fruits and herbs by planting your used lollipops

Born from the nostalgia of childhood days spent caring for plants, Brennan Clarke found a unique and tasty way to bring people back to the garden.

Amborella Organics isn’t your typical candy shop. They satisfy your sweet tooth with sustainable solutions in mind, calling their treats “purpose-driven candy.” Their product is simple but literally loaded with potential: lollipops infused with heirloom seeds of flowers and herbs.

Choose from curious flavours such as Rosemary & Mint, Champagne & Roses, and Lavender & Lemongrass. Your flavour of choice will carry seeds of that plant, embedded inside a biodegradable stick made from recycled paper.

After consumption, simply plant the stick, and let the gardening begin. Take a look:


Brilliant! Hopefully, we’ll see this company roll out more sustainable sweets in the coming years.

A bundle of 12 lollipops goes for around US$27 (AUS$34).

Marigold & Monks ?✨#thebirthflower

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For the full Amborella Organics product catalog, click here.

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