Featured Image for These hand-knit sweaters were made specifically to blend in

These hand-knit sweaters were made specifically to blend in

Most sweaters, especially the ugly Christmas ones, are made to make you stand out. However, two creatives have a collection of sweaters that do quite the opposite.

UK-based photographer Joseph Ford and knitter Nina Dodd have, for the last four years, create sweaters that blend in perfectly. Hand-knit by Dodd, each piece is patterned after one specific background, mimicking its colours and texture.

The results make the wearers (or at least parts of them) seem invisible. Like this woman and her non-existent torso.

Knitted Camouflage

Or this dog with a disembodied head, tail, and limbs.

Knitted Camouflage

The series, called Knitted Camouflage, has also featured the work of French street artist Monsieur Chat, who made this incredible cat mural in an abandoned factory.

Knitted Camouflage

To see more of Ford’s work, you can check out his website.

Knitted Camouflage

Knitted Camouflage

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