Girl captures the priceless expressions dogs make at her drive-thru window

At Einstein Bros Bagels in Florida, employee Natasha Jones gets to meet all kinds of customers at her drive-thru window, and that includes her favourite customers of all: dogs.

The 31-year-old has been working at the store since November. From the get go, she’s been taking photos of all the pups who pass by her window. This includes all kinds of dog breeds, from small canines – like Chihuahuas – to bigger pooches – like German Shepherds. All of which have that same adorable expression they make whenever food is around.

“My favorite part of taking these pictures is being able to look back at them,” Jones told HuffPost. “The expression in their eyes can tell you a lot about them and it’s fun wondering what they are thinking.”

Even better, she gives every dog who visits a pet-friendly bagel. According to the company, the beef-flavoured bagels are made of “wheat flour, carob chips, canola oil, eggs, vanilla, and tail-wagging happiness.”

As of writing, Jones has already 3,000 followers on Instagram, after just less than a month of posting doggie pics. Initially, she kept all her photos in a private album on Facebook, but later decided to share all the beautiful images publicly.

“I just thought they were too cute not to share,” said Jones.

You can see more of Jones’ pupper photos on Instagram.