Featured Image for Watch in horror as this cruel Japanese prank has people falling through the elevator floor

Watch in horror as this cruel Japanese prank has people falling through the elevator floor

Victims are invited into an elevator that only leads to the darkest pits of public ridicule.

Imagine you’re applying for a job. You’re beyond nervous, helplessly trying to focus on the moment and kind of regretting the decision to binge watch Stranger Things the night before.

An assistant guides you kindly to your sought-after interview, inviting you to step into the elevator.

And then, in a fraction of a second, poooooof! You’re gone.

You suddenly find yourself falling like Alice in Wonderland through a bottomless dark void. Your entire life flashes in your mind while you desperately and futilely wave your arms about like a marionette in a desperate attempt to grab onto anything that can save your very existence.

Then … wham! Your descent into chaos finally ends with a bang against a cushioned wall. Flabbergasted, you just hear a haunting echo of laughs around you. Alarmingly, your left arm is going numb and you start to notice you’re completely covered in some sort of slime, like in an Alien movie.

Welcome to the world of Japanese prank TV shows, sadomasochistic spectacles of half-naked bodies, unidentified fluids, technicolor lights, and arcade sounds.

Widely known for being one of the most bizarre things ever shown on mainstream TV, Japanese prank shows reached the peak of their popularity in the late 90s.

These shows routinely made people endure surreal vexations that ranged from putting a guy inside a working dryer to eat spaghetti, to making gay men attempt to bring heterosexual men to orgasm.

Yep, that … actually … happened.

Jeez. We just NEED Japan in our lives.

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