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The three Laneway acts that are going to dominate 2018

It’s kind of terrifying to think that it’s already been thirteen years since Laneway made its huge first impression on the crowded Australian festival scene.

It was 2005 when Jerome Borazio and Danny Rogers first took the leap with their ambitious project to cram a music festival into Caledonian Lane in Melbourne.

Fast forward to 2018 and the ethos behind Laneway remains very much intact: find the very best new acts from Australia and around the world, carve out a space in the middle of a city and watch a little bit of magic unfold.

Laneway 2017

Borazio and Rogers’ knack for uncovering bands before they blow up is uncanny.

Have a geez at the main acts at Coachella and Glastonbury headliners over the past ten years, and I guarantee most of them were tearing up Laneway a few years prior.

Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, The Avalanches, The XX, James Blake (I could go on…) all cut their teeth at Laneway before going on to conquer the world.

So without any more delay, here are the acts at Laneway 2018 that are set to go big in 2018.

Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

The former Seekae band member is one of the most intriguing performers on the planet.

His current solo project sees Cameron adopt a stage persona – that of a sleezy, lecherous, down-on-his-luck entertainer.

Cameron’s alter-ego is not immediately obvious in a Big Shaq kind of way, it’s a touch more subtle, but no less interesting.

Replete with analogue synths and thumping 80s dance-floor beats, the music matches the aesthetic – a bit cheesy, a bit dated, but somehow still familiar and infectious.

He’ll be no doubt joined on stage by saxophonist-cum-business partner Roy Molloy for one of the most ambitious and unique performances at Laneway.

It’ll be funny, it’ll be weird, and undoubtedly a lot of fun.


Anderson .Paak is hip-hop’s next great hope.

While the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and Drake sit atop the totem pole, the 31-year-old is hot on their heels.

Bursting onto the mainstream through some jaw-dropping features Dr Dre’s Compton, Anderson .Paak turned heads with his immense talents – a musical identity defined by soul, spirit and groove.

His terrifyingly good 2016 album Malibu is an instant classic, lending itself perfectly to a pulsating live show.

Anderon .Paak’s live shows lie somewhere between a street party and a therapy session, and will no doubt be one of the most sought-after acts at Laneway this year.

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney

His. Voice.

Holy shit, his voice.

It’s the first thing that strikes you when you listen to Moses Sumney’s music.

Delicate and raw, with an immaculate falsetto, he could have made his debut album acapella and no-one would have complained.

Probably for the best though, he didn’t – and in Aromanticism he croons over bluesy guitars and jazzy wind sections to produce a gloriously understated tribute to lovelessness.

Aching, hopeless, beautiful, and altogether, wonderfully spellbinding

Sumney will be a change of pace from the other acts at Laneway.

There will be no dance-floor bangers or crowd singalongs – just a man with an otherworldy pair of lungs, singing his exquisite songs that have barely seen the light of day.

You can check out these incredible acts at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2018! Head over here for tickets and more info.

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