You have to try this game that lets you slam dunk on Trump

Better stick to playing golf, Mr. President.

Brooklyn-based artist Jayson Musson has developed a video game that lets you do what you’ve always dreamed of doing to Donald Trump. No, it’s not impeaching him from office, but rather, slam dunking on him.

As the title ‘Dunk on Trump’ implies, the game allows you to disrespect POTUS with a vicious jam. Simply mash the space bar and you’ll send 45 flying onto the pavement. Repeat as many times as you’d like. Posterise the poster boy for racism and irresponsible tweeting.

“I’m not a game dev at all,” said Musson, “I hardly know what I’m doing, but much like Donald Trump, I didn’t let ignorance or lack of technical competence get in the way of my dreams, which is to let people vicariously dunk on Donald J. Trump.”