Meat cakes are the newest and greatest addition to any celebration

Imagine hitting that critical point in a celebration where it’s time to sing happy birthday, or toast the newly weds over a cake, but the cake that gets wheeled out is not your average sponge.

The latest cake trend hitting the streets is the ever-so-tasty meat cake. Other than being totally mouth-watering (particularly for those among us without a sweet tooth), it’s also a bit of a laugh. Imagine a bride going to cut her extravagant cake, only for her guests to find she’s about to chow down on about 30 layers of meat.

No, that’s not a traditional cake shaped like a pork rind, it’s an actual tower of the delicious good stuff.

Most meat is some shade of pink, so we’re thinking meat cakes would actually be pretty perfect at a baby shower for your daughter-to-be.

As well as meat, people are also experimenting with other savoury crowd favourites like cheese.

We’re thinking next could be a maple cake covered in bacon. Equal parts salty and sweet = delicious.

Or why not combine the whole lot? Tapas cake anyone?