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Liquid cake in a can is now a thing and we’re not ok with that

Today we’re here with a whole lot of nopes, courtesy of Japan. Do we want liquid versions of our favourite food? Nope. We do not.

Strawberry Shortcake is a popular Christmas cake in Japan. Maybe due to its red and white appearance which resembles Santa and his suit, or maybe due to the creamy topping that evokes images of fresh snow.

Either way, drink maker company DyDo thought that a liquid version would be way easier to digest and transformed the spongey goodness into a beverage called ‘The Rich Grand Time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake.’

The packaging instructs a precise five shakes to be carried out before consumption to ensure the gelatin is dispersed evenly through the can to ensure a ‘food-like’ texture. Mmm, sounds delicious….?

The beverage went on sale in late November and Sora News 24 seems to think pretty highly of it, describing it as “not unlike the strawberry milk that Japan is so fond of.”

“[It] tastes like a strawberry milkshake, which is never something we’d complain about, and the strong, lingering taste of the Hokkaido cream does make it feel a lot more cake-like than typical shakes.”

If you’re keen to trial the liquid cake, head to basically any train station vending machine in Japan, because where else would you buy cake in a can?


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