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Trump’s claims his presidency is “consensual” in latest Twitter fail

At some point, U.S President Donald Trump became an angry crazy old man whose tweets don’t make sense.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when, but the “covfefe” incident is probably a good place to start.

Trump has a habit of not knowing when to put the phone down, mashing out incomprehensible tweets with his tiny hands in the wee hours of the morning.

It can be funny, scary and dangerous, and is often all three at the same time.

Case in point was a recent tweet in which he claimed to have a bigger “button” than Kim Jong Un, and one that “works”.

It’s funny because, as noted by Late Show host Stephen Colbert, buttons are traditionally more “feminine”.Clearly, Trump should have bragged about his missile.

It’s scary and dangerous because Trump and Un are now literally in a dick measuring contest to see who can blow up the world first.

If your button doesn’t work, please see your local GP, folks.

The latest fail is a Freudian one.

In yet another attempt to pump his ego, Trump tried to quote a New Yrok Post column by Michael Goodwin which praises the President’s first year in office.

But instead of typing “enormously consequential presidency”, Trump based out “enormously consensual presidency.”

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before Twitter users had screen capped it. Yet another reminder that nothing ever really dies on the internet, especially if Trump tweets it.

Other Twitter users noted the parallels between the allegations of Trump’s sexual misconduct and the fact that many Americans don’t “consent” to Trump’s leadership:

Another noted the irony of Trump tweeting that during a Golden Globe Awards in which celebs wore black in solidarity with the #MeToo movement:

And others just saw it as further proof that the President is losing his marbles:

As someone who lacks self-awareness, it is unlikely Trump will take much notice of the flub. Trump’s Twitter moves so fast that he is already back to dunking on Hillary and crowing about unemployment being at its lowest ever.

Remember back in early 2017 when people thought Trump might calm down a bit and be sensible once he took the job? We were so innocent then. As some Trump supporters say, “This train has no brakes” because they like to think of Trump as being unstoppable. And that’s the problem.

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