Featured Image for Eugenia Viti is one artist you should watch out for in the future

Eugenia Viti is one artist you should watch out for in the future

We want to say that Chicago-based artist Eugenia Viti is going places. But the truth of the matter is, she already has.

At the age of four, Viti first experienced traveling after her family moved from Madrid to Chicago. Since then, she’s been to more than 40 countries and lived in various cities such as Rome, London, San Sebastian, and Verona. She’s also visited Buenos Aires more than 27 times.

Viti has taken all these experiences and used them as inspiration for her art. A product of the Art Institute of Chicago, she illustrates anything and everything – from people to animals to erotica. Her style combines line art with humour, resulting in images that are unconventionally entertaining.

We recently caught up with Viti to know more about her work.

How has your return to Chicago influenced your work or approach to your work?

“Being abroad feels like it really gave me a lot of inspiration. I was able to see so many different countries, cultures, buildings, and nature. Coming home to Chicago, I came back with all of that stuff in my mind. Now, I have a chance to have more of a home-base and work on that.

“Also, being home means being around my friends who I find incredibly inspiring. My good friend Aleia Murawski does awesome miniature and photo work with her team Sam Copeland and Alex Wallbaum.

“My other really good friend Stephanie Smith is in a band called Varisty that really gets me grooving. I’ve known these ladies since we were in middle school!”

Tell us what impact your time in London had on shaping your creative vision.

“It was pretty obvious that I was impacted by London when I started drawing people having tea, big hats, and swans… But really, it was much more than that. Living in London seeps into your subconscious.

“We lived in Kensington, which has a lot of really beautiful architecture and gardens with hedges. From that, I got really obsessed with hedges and cutting them into different designs. A dream of mine is to create a giant face from a bush as big as a small garage. I find Charles Jencks incredible.”

Who are the illustrators you’re most admiring at the moment?

“I’m a huge fan of Liana Finck, she’s got amazing cartoons/comics. She is a genius when it comes to good ideas. Lord Birthday is very funny. Same with Chris the Simpson artist. I’ve got a shirt of his! Charlotte Ager, too. Her colors and forms are really everything.”

What sort of projects are you currently working on?

“Right now, I’m working on a couple of illustrated books. One is about how life can feel meaningless and depressing but how that doesn’t really matter because nothing matters so you should just enjoy yourself, you know?

“Another is about how some fish change their sex throughout their life… I’m really pushing myself to focus on narrative, telling a story with pictures. It’s always been the case, but now I’m pushing harder.”

To learn more about Eugenia Viti and her work, head on over here.