Featured Image for Amazon cuts off sale of DIY circumcision kit from UK store, for obvious reasons

Amazon cuts off sale of DIY circumcision kit from UK store, for obvious reasons

A DIY circumcision training kit has been removed from Amazon UK following complaints about the obvious life threatening potential of such an insane product.

The kit includes a set of scissors and scalpels, a dummy body of a child, and of course, fake penises to practise on.

Oh and it comes in two versions, dark or light-skinned. Jesus!

Amazon UK decided to remove the dangerous product after the National Secular Society (NSS) expressed their concerns in a letter, stating it could encourage people with absolutely no medical qualifications to carry out potential life-threatening procedures in inadequate conditions.

“We fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm,” said the chairman of the NSS’s secular medical forum, Dr Antony Lempert.

Circumcision, as we all know, is the removal of the foreskin from the penis. Although there are cases where there’s medical reasons to do it, most circumcisions are performed on children for religious reasons as part of the Jewish and Muslim traditions.

“Non-therapeutic circumcision is unethical and unnecessary and is putting infant boys at risk of death and serious injury,” adds Dr Lempert in his letter. “This practice could be encouraged by the morally negligent sale of infant circumcision training kits to the public.”

The British Medical Association (BMA) also had a say in the matter, signalling the obvious risks involved in encouraging people to perform surgery on their kids at home.

“As a general rule, however, the BMA believes that parents should be entitled to make choices about how best to promote their children’s interests, and it is for society to decide what limits should be imposed on parental choices.”

Despite being removed from Amazon UK, the product strangely remains available on their US site for $196.


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