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Here’s a $44,000 flatpack home you can build in just 6 hours

Owning your own home may now not be as impossible as you think, thanks to one brilliant Italian architect.

Renato Vidal has created an ingenious alternative to traditional housing. The M.A.Di. is a flatpack folding home priced from just $44,000, and three people can assemble it in any flat location in about six hours.

That’s right, only six hours. That means between leaving home for work in the morning and getting home, your new house will have been built.

And in a time when real estate prices are going through the roof, the price is something that even those struggling may be able to afford. The prices range from $44,000 for a 27-square-metre design to $98,000 for a 70-square-metre design.

The buildings are certified as seismically safe and they are created with high-quality material. All basic models include a bathroom with sanitary facilities, kitchen connections, one stage staircase and technical installations.

When the final drawings have been accepted, your flat pack will arrive within 60 days and once on site, M.A.Di. can be constructed without a concrete foundation.

The M.A.Di. website states that, “it creates cosy and safe places highly customisable according to your needs.

“These are the only construction removable, recoverable and reusable that make a respectful connection with the environment without abuse of it.”

The structures can be assembled to go completely off-grid with the addition of solar panels, grey water systems, and LED lighting.

So, not only will you be saving yourself time and money, you’ll also be making a positive impact on the environment.

The only issue is that you’ll need to own or rent enough land to put the house on which, if you’re a city slicker like many of us are, could be the sticking point.

This innovative house design truly could change the future of home ownership. Perhaps millennials won’t have to worry about never owning their own home after all.

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