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A flight left Auckland in 2018 and landed in Hawaii in 2017

While most of us welcomed 2018 this past week, passengers onboard a flight from Auckland to Honolulu did quite the opposite: they went back to 2017!

On New Year’s Eve, Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 was originally due to depart Auckland, New Zealand, at 11:55pm local time. However, the plane got delayed and eventually left 10 minutes late at 12:05am on the first morning of 2018.

They arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii at 10:16am local time, 31 December 2017. Meaning, thanks to the huge 23-hour time difference between the two locations, the flight somehow went back in time. That’s two New Year’s celebrations for the people onboard flight HA446!

ABC7 transportation reporter Sam Sweeney pointed out the anomaly on Twitter.

The internet, of course, had memes in response.

Some also explained how this could have happened (apparently, it’s quite common).

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 wasn’t the only plane who did some time-traveling on that same night. Another flight from Auckland bound for French Polynesia turned back the clock by crossing the International Date Line, as did six flights from Taipei to destinations across US and Canada.

And all this time we thought we needed a DeLorean or a Tardis to time travel!

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