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Elderly couple caught with $300K of weed…give the most CLASSIC excuse

An elderly couple is definitely going on Santa’s naughty list after they were nabbed transporting 60lbs of marijuana, which they intended to give as Christmas presents to friends and family.

80-year-old Patrick Jiron and 83-year-old Barbara Jiron were apprehended by police during a traffic stop in York county, Nebraska. While citing the pair for driving over the centre line and failing to signal on Interstate 80, the officers caught a whiff of the substance’s pungent odor.

When asked about the smell, the couple came clean and admitted they were carrying contraband in the backseat of their truck. A thorough search of the vehicle turned up bags and bags of marijuana, with a street value of US$300,000 (AUS$382,700).

Story goes, the Jirons were travelling from their home in California to bring the ‘holiday gifts’ to their friends and family in Boston and Vermont. Unfortunately for them, they got caught in Nebraska, where carrying around weed is illegal.

Patrick Jiron was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and for lacking drug tax stamps for the green stuff. He was released from custody Wednesday. Barbara Jiron, meanwhile, was not taken to jail due to uncited medical reasons.

Maybe next year they’d be better off giving socks as Christmas presents?

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