We are all these CNN anchors reacting live on-air to Trump’s utterly INSANE latest tweets

Best-selling journalist Michael Wolff has published a new book in which he compares the current US White House to the comedy film ‘The Producers’.

The controversial claims have certainly got under Trump’s skin, pushing him to go on Twitter with yet another of his customary emotional tirades.

But what makes this latest tantrum especially funny worrying is that the ex-reality star seems to have gone completely off the rails – bafflingly calling himself a “stable genius” and “like, really smart”. No, ‘like’, for real.

(Hot Tip: smart people don’t say they’re “like, really smart”)

As this news filtered through to the mainstream media, CNN anchors and Presidential historian Timothy Naftali were left gobsmacked as they read out his tweets live on-air.

We know how you feel guys, we know how you feel.

CNN react to Trump tweets

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