Featured Image for Got no friends? No worries, you can now rent one!

Got no friends? No worries, you can now rent one!

We always say it, but we really do mean it when we say Japan is where all the weirdest and most wonderful inventions come from.

We’re not sure what’s worse – that this service exists, or that people use it. The service is called Family Romance, and after eight years it’s booming.

The service provides actors who you can hire to act as your family, lover, co-worker, or whatever the hell you want, for as long as you can pay for it. You can’t buy love, but you can definitely buy pretend love… and that’s all that matters, right?

They say perception is reality, so if people believe you have friends, then you do have friends! Just like that.

The company has a staff group of about 800 actors ranging from infants to the elderly. If you want your spouse to meet your grandma, they totally can. If you want to trick your family into thinking you have a three-year-old daughter, they’ve also got that covered! April Fool’s Day? No worries.

The creator of the company, Ishii Yuichi, spoke to The Atlantic about the inspiration for his company.

“I had a single mother friend, and she had a son. He was trying to enter a private school, but they denied him solely because he had no father. I wanted to challenge the unfairness of Japanese society, so I posed as his father.”

Okay, so the origin of the company is sweet, but we’re still not entirely convinced it’s a great idea…

What do you guys think? Would you use such a service?

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