Featured Image for This is probably the most spite you can cram into such a small space

This is probably the most spite you can cram into such a small space

This guy was nailing revenge long before sending your enemies a bag of dicks was invented.

Back in the 1800s when horse drawn carriages were a primary mode of transportation, John Hollensbury owned a home and its accompanying alleyway in Virginia, USA. These horse drawn carriages would often loiter in Hollensbury’s alleyway, and he was not down for the noise and mess that this entailed.

Hollensbury had quite the ingenious idea of building a tiny house in the alley way to block off the passage to the general public. The mini living quarters measure in at a tiny 8-metre length and 2-metre width and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not named it the narrowest home in America at one point. You can even still see the history of wagon wheels brushes up against the walls in the inside of the pied-à-terre.

Unsurprisingly, The Spite House has become a bit of a tourist attraction!

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The little home exists in Alexandria, Virginia, and was purchased by Jack and Colleen Sammis back in 1990, along with the main, slightly larger home next door.

The Spite House is now being utilised as a granny flat, though we hope they are putting the in-laws in there out of convenience rather than spite.

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