Nose hair extensions are a beauty trend now and we just about god damn give up

Now I’m no expert, but it’s my understanding that a fairly fundamental prerequisite for beauty trends is that they should lean closer to the ‘looking good’ side of the scale than the ‘oh my god what happened to you, where’s the fire extinguisher?’ side.

A slightly disturbing trend has emerged amongst beauty bloggers and fashionistas, with some opting to include nose hair extensions for… some reason.

…It really is unclear why anyone would put themselves through this.

The practice involves applying false eyelashes to one’s nostrils, for that incredible, hairy-nose look that we’re all after.

So who do we have to thank for this wonderful development?

The trend is said to have been sparked by Instragam user Gret Chen Chen.

Of course, it really should go without saying that this is a big victory for some of the people for whom nose hair is less of a choice and more of a thing they have to deal with every day (I’m not looking at any of you Brits whatsoever).

And sure, it might be a little much for me, a person who has been heard saying more than once that pants peaked with the invention of ‘trackies’, to comment on beauty trends.

However, come on people.

It’s a fresh new year. Let’s not ruin this one already.