Some legend has PERFECTLY recreated a key Last Jedi scene using Lego

If you enjoyed The Last Jedi, but felt it was just missing something, then this could be what you have been yearning for.

A youtube user, who goes by Huxley Berg Studios, has made a habit of recreating film trailers and famous scenes using the much better to watch than accidentally step on in the middle of the night, Lego toys.

And while he had some success with his takes on The Avengers’ Infinity War trailer, and IT’s ‘projector room’ scene, it seems HBS has produced its best work yet.


It’s take on arguably 2017’s biggest movie release, involves a crucial scene in which Rey, Kylo Ren and everyone’s favourite (mostly) pointless character, Supreme Leader Snoke, have a tense standoff before a fight breaks out.

And though when I saw the film at the time, I can’t quite recall wondering whether things would’ve been improved if instead of human beings, Lego toys portrayed every single character, I certainly can say I know my stance on this matter now.

You can view similar works by visiting HBS’ account here.