The internet has started photoshopping the Trump robot into real photos and the results are terrifying

The internet had a field day when Donald Trump’s robot for Disney’s Hall of Presidents was unveiled.

And it seems the fun hasn’t stopped since.

Someone, who operates a twitter account by the name of Born Miserable, has taken it upon themselves to take things a step further. Although whether that’s for good or evil, the jury is still out.

BM began posting photos of the commander-in-chief’s robot in place of Trump in actual photos. And the results are equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

The Twitter user unleashed his experiment on an unknowing world claiming it had led to an ‘improvement’ in the photos.

Then began to take requests.

And before long, all hell was breaking loose.

To check out all of the unexpected art collection, which is surely what this has to be referred to as, click here.

Hopefully, this is one part of Twitter, Trump himself doesn’t come across.