This brilliant artist is somehow creating spectacular art with teacups and flowers

There’s something about floral art that can instantly brighten up your day. Remember this small town in Poland that had flowers painted on every surface possible? Now meet a Russian photographer who’s proving blooms can be just as beautiful indoors.

If you could have tea with anyone in the world, who would it be? The Queen of England? Yeah, okay, that’d be pretty sweet.

But tea time with Marina Malinovaya is a spectacle of its own, as she turns her tabletop into the stuff of dreams in her photo series “Floral Tea Story.”

Give us a tea cup and some flowers and we’d probably collect the petals inside. But not Marina.

Her imagination runs wild with these everyday objects, creating visuals worthy of a Disney film.

She makes her floral arrangements literally look like they’re coming to life, as they appear almost like liquid in her shots.

Throw in a couple of twigs and leaves, and they look even more mesmerizing.

How’s that for afternoon tea?

For more of Marina’s creations, follow her on Instagram.