People think a spooky “ghost car” caused this crash in Singapore

Footage of ghosts is pretty common on YouTube. Like UFO videos, they are always of crappy quality and questionable veracity.

Yup, despite being in the age of smartphones and HD and 4K video, we are yet to capture anything that is compelling evidence of the paranormal.

But that hasn’t stopped people from labelling this dash cam footage of a car crash the work of a mysterious “ghost car”.

The footage was captured in Singapore and shows a white BMW preparing to make a right turn.

Suddenly another car appears – seemingly out of nowhere – and causes a crash. Ermagerd, ghosts!

What we have here is most likely an optical illusion. The BMW and the “ghost car” are travelling in perfect sync on a path that obscures the “ghost car” from our vision. Boring!

However, that doesn’t explain why the BMW’s driver missed the car heading straight for them. Sleeping? Drunk? Texting? We don’t know.

One explanation that has appeared online is time travel. Remember that scene in Back To The Future when Marty zaps back to 1955 and drives through the old Peabody Farm? Something like that.

(Fun fact: Marty kills one of Peabody’s pine trees, thus changing the name of the mall in 1985 from Twin Pines Mall to Lone Pine Mall. You’re welcome, film nerds).

And of course, it could just be due to dash cam lag, a technical error or tricky video editing.

Ghosts and time travel are fun ideas to explore but they are ultimately undone by Occam’s Razor, which quite rightly states that hypothesis with the fewest assumptions are usually the best – so, the simplest answer is usually right.

In this case, it means the other car is always there, we just can’t see it.

Still, you gotta admit it looks pretty spooky.