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Angry driver almost runs himself over in road rage gone wrong

A driver in southeast Sydney is the laughing stock of the internet after dash-cam footage revealed an embarrassing case of road rage.

In a video posted to Dash Cam Owners Australia, we see the man in question suddenly stop his car for no apparent reason.

The driver with the dash cam honks his horn at the man who then decides he has had enough and gets out of the car.

But the raging man forgets one very important thing, namely to put his car into park.

His car beings to roll backwards down the road, which is on a slope, and knocks the man down.

Arms flailing, the man ends up on the road with his legs in the air turtle style. To add insult to injury, he appears to be wearing a single thong.

“Mate!”, the dash cam driver screams as the man tumbles. “You f@#$ing idiot,” a woman can be heard saying, which sums things up pretty well.

The red-faced man then approaches the car, despite the dash cam owner repeatedly telling him his car is still in reverse.

The driver tells the man behind the camera “you caused that” before getting back into this car and speeding off.

“Malabar, NSW. I was waiting for my insurance claim to go through in case the guy disputed. And before anyone asks why I didn’t just go around, it’s double lines around a blind corner…” the driver who captured the video wrote.

The video has amassed over 250,000 views and 1000 shares on Facebook in just five hours. It’s also made its way to the r/Australia subreddit, where some genius reposted the video with the Benny Hill music. Thank you, internet.

It looks like no one was seriously hurt so feel free to have a good laugh. The only thing injured was the driver’s pride, which is no doubt in critical condition.

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