Featured Image for Unbreakable: The University of Tokyo has invented glass that can repair itself

Unbreakable: The University of Tokyo has invented glass that can repair itself

In a few years, the terror of dropping your phone may cease to exist.

Professor Takuzo Aida and his team of graduate students at the University of Tokyo may have just committed the best accident the world has seen since the pacemaker.

While working on new types of adhesives, the group chanced upon what’s being called polyether thiourea — a substance that seems to possess the rigidity of glass, but can be “healed” or put back together when broken, simply by applying pressure.

Hard to believe? We can’t blame you. But that seems to be the pitch, and we’re this close to buying it. Imagine shattering your iPhone screen, and instead of shelling out an arm and a leg for a new one, you simply press the pieces together and they’ll stick back on.

Interested in the science behind it? Watch the video below for a brief introduction:

Doesn’t that look incredibly promising? The possibilities are endless.

Phone screens, car windows, you name it.

If we’re really getting close to this material making it into industrial and everyday use, then that sounds like a safer and more practical world we can look forward to. We wish Professor Aida and his team the best in developing this further.

Via Rocket News 24

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