GOT’s Maisie Williams played Trivial Pursuit with her boyfriend, who hilariously got this question

This is just how life works when you’re a Game of Thrones star.

The show, based on George R.R. Martin’s A song of ice and fire novels, has been a worldwide phenomenon ever since it premiered in 2011.

So much so that GOT-related goodness continues to pop up everywhere.

Maisie Williams, who arguably plays the show’s greatest badass, and has enjoyed one of the more adventurous character arcs in GOT thus far, was settling in to play a simple game of Trivial Pursuit with her boyfriend, Ollie Jackson.

And when it was Williams’ turn to ask Jackson a question, of course it had to be this card she produced.

No pressure Jackson!

Of course, if Williams was particularly competitive, she could have made it a trick question – as a girl has no name after all.

Game of Thrones’ much anticipated final season is (sadly) slated to premiere not in 2018, but in 2019, which confirms that the world is awful after all.

Thankfully, we have Williams’ antics to tide us over until then.