Featured Image for An American company has created a floating tent and it’s the stuff of camping dreams

An American company has created a floating tent and it’s the stuff of camping dreams

Imagine yourself falling to sleep lulled by the surrounding sounds of running water and soft birds in the distance. Just picture the feeling of gently drifting through a river, awe-inspiring nature all around you, nowhere to escape and a giant crocodile breathing against the tent door.

Excluding the potential B-movie horror scenes projecting in our heads right now, the idea of a floating tent is actually incredibly idyllic. Ohio-based company SmithFly has created what they’ve dubbed “a first of its kind inflatable floating raft with a tent topper”

The company, founded in 2010 by designer Ethan Smith, specialises in fly fishing packs, pouches and other accessories for fishing and camping activities.

They want to innovate in their industry by creating products that are made to last, or as they put it in their site, “SmithFly is focused on making products that can, like my Great Grandma’s butler’s desk and my Grandfather’s hunting coat, be multi-generational.”

Their innovative product, named The Shoal Tent, is a heavy-duty inflatable camping tent devoid of poles or rigid structure. The raft body is comprised of three separate air chambers and the tent’s 15 centimetre-thick floor also serves as your air mattress.

The particular invention allows you to camp in the middle of an epic lake, a small farm pond or your favourite Anaconda-infested river.

“The world is your waterbed” states the official product description.

The tent is approximately 2.5 x 2.5 metres, allowing a 6’3” person to lie down comfortably and even stand up at the tent’s centre. It weighs around 22 kilograms and folds to fit it inside its storage bag which is approximately 150 x 60 x 45 centimetres.

The Shoal Tent will be available by early January 2018 and costs $1950, plus a hefty shipping fee. It comes with a storage bag, manual foot pump and repair kit. You can pre-order it right now on their official site.


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