This Aussie photographer takes stunning wedding photos using the reflection of the ring

At weddings, rings are given as a symbol (or reflection) of a couple’s love and commitment. But in photographer Peter Adams-Shawn’s series, the couples are the ones in the reflection.

The Australian photographer first went viral after his previous series, called Eyescapes, were published. In it, he captures intimate wedding moments through the eyes of guests – again, quite literally.

This time, for his new series Ringscapes, Peter takes a photo of the wedding rings and simultaneously captures the newlyweds through the reflection. It’s indeed a fresh perspective of documenting the biggest day of two people’s lives.


We talked to Peter to find out more about Ringscapes. Check it out:

How on Earth did you first get the idea for your Ringscape series?

“Following on from the first Eyescape I took towards the back end of 2011 my mind had been opened to the world of very small reflections at weddings.

“In April 2012, I was shooting a wedding where I hadn’t been with the groom whilst he was getting ready which meant I hadn’t got a shot of the rings.

“Just before finishing the bridal party shoot, I asked the bride and groom for their rings so I could get a shot of them. I placed the groom’s ring on a railing in a gazebo and went to take the shot. It was then I noticed the reflection of the bride and groom kissing behind me. The Ringscapes series had begun.

“The first in the series:

Can you talk us through the process of taking these photos?

“The process for taking the pictures is really quite straightforward. Balance the rings whilst lining up the subject(s) in the reflection. Take the shot. If you can see it, you can shoot it.”

Do you need a very specific set of light conditions for it to work?

“It varies from ring to ring. Different materials favour different light. Not all rings are suitable. At the end of the day, I can only capture what I can see. If they don’t reflect or are like fair-ground mirrors then I can’t do anything about that.”


Do you have a favourite photo?

“Everyone else’s favourite seems to be this one.


“However, looking back on that shot now I see it as a missed opportunity as I could have got a three-way reflection with those rings.

“Despite this one not being technically perfect, it’s one of my favourites as I was pushing to not just get a reflection but also to capture a story.

“Another favourite of mine is this one.

Do you have any other awesome projects in the works?

“Yes… and it is well worth doing another piece on *wink*

From the Deep which is already well underway. Drone seascape photography with a twist.”

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