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Now Trump claims he’s making Christmas great again because of course he is

In the last hours of Christmas Eve, Donald Trump took to Twitter to claim once more that he’s responsible for making people wish Merry Christmas to each other again. No really.

The ex-reality star has been trying to instil the notion that somehow, Americans have been barred from using the traditional festive greeting “Merry Christmas” of late.

During the election campaign, Trump concocted the theory that there was a supposed “War on Christmas” going on, alluding that the secular salutation “happy holidays”, was disrespectful to the Christian population.

He promised during the campaign trail that Americans would say “Merry Christmas in every store” once he was in the White House.

Trump banged that drum again last October at the Value Voters Summit – an annual conference of an anti-LGBT organisation classified as a hate group – when he rallied in his speech against the religiously neutral greeting “happy holidays”.

In yet another chapter of his culture wars, (divide and conquer they say) Trump said to a pumped up conservative crowd he was “stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values,”

“You know,” he exclaimed, “we’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word ‘Christmas,’ because it’s not politically correct. You go to department stores, and they’ll say, ‘Happy New Year,’ and they’ll say other things. And it will be red, they’ll have it painted, but they don’t say it. Well guess what? We’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

In a classy effort to troll the president, MSNBC posted a clip in which they debunk this whole “Christmas War” conspiracy theory and point out the numerous times Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, wished the country a “Merry Christmas”.

It’s appropriate to point out that 81 per cent of white evangelicals voted for Trump, and his hardcore base is deeply religious. You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the whole innocuous affair is an effort to pander to the evangelical vote and give some lip service to his Christian conservative base.

Does Trump and his supporters know the greeting “Merry Christmas” isn’t even present in the Bible?

Of all of this mess, two things strike me as insane. First off, why does he want everybody to abide to his way of greeting? Can’t you just greet however you want?

Secondly, isn’t saying “Happy Holidays” just more respectful to other beliefs than “politically correct,” as Trump calls it? Where’s the harm there?

More so, isn’t it cynical to say the least, for a guy with multiple sex allegations and public endorser of someone like Roy Moore to play the virtuous Catholic over a salutation?

Hmm, looks like even Ivanka disagrees with “daddy”.

And of course, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help himself,


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