Extravagantly decorated long-ass toenails are a thing now, and they are bizarre AF

We love the glamour of faux fingernails, but this is taking nail-art way past the point of normal.

New York based photographer Amy Lombard has just released a photography series called Nails Pt 2. and quite frankly, we’re pretty disturbed – not least because it means that there’s a part one out there in the cosmos.

The series is a collaboration with nail artist Sonya Meesh and model Amanda Lanzone who, alongside Lombard created the most unique toenail art you have probably ever seen.

We’re not against a fancy pedicure, but these falsies are taking it to a whole new level.  How do these toenails fit into sneakers? Do your toenails get caught up in your blankets? Do you have to wear custom-made toe socks? These are the pressing questions that keep us up at night.

There’s a whole lot of ‘nope’ coming from us right now. We think we’ll stick to fake fingernails, thanks.