These cute fruit and veggie sculptures all come with a serious message

Every now and then, we come across a luminary who bridges not two, but several disciplines, in passionate pursuit of a noble objective.

Presenting Danling Xiao, a woman on a mission for something much bigger than a piece, or even collection of creative work. The designer/writer who calls Sydney home is the moving force behind Mundane Matters, a “sustainability-driven art and design practice” advocating for waste elimination, ethical eating and use of renewable energy.

Xiao’s mantra is simple and is best explained in her own words:

“Design for people. Creating user-centred brand experience is my passion. With a futuristic vision and psychological approach, I deliver creative solutions to meet businesses’ needs, offer strategic branding package to help start-ups thrive, but most importantly, create design that improves life.”

Today we shine a light on her quirky creations, which are essentially sculptures made from food accompanied by her musings on various not-so-mundane matters. Take a look at some of our favourites:

Xiao seeks “to inspire sustainable creative living,” and her work is always simple yet thought-provoking.

“The daily practice is to create one piece of fruit and vegetable sculpture, accompanied with writing, tapping into issues such as organic farming, ethical eating and animal protection. All sculptures are eaten after photographed,” writes Xiao on her site.

This superwoman leaves no stone unturned, even dabbling in urban planning.

“This project completely changes the way I approach food. I cannot believe it was me when I think about the days when I was working full-time. I’d say I had quite a healthy diet, but I never questioned where the produce came from, how much energy and labor it took to produce them, or how much waste it lost from the farm to our table, not to mention how much chemicals and hormones we were taking indirectly from the food we eat,” she told Mother Nature Network in an interview.

Not only does Xiao “play” with food, but she also dishes out facts:

For more of Xiao’s work, view her portfolio here or follow Mundane Matters on Instagram.

For the full interview with MNN, click the link below: