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Man completes trip around Australia with his cat

Two and a half years ago, Rich East decided to quit his job and leave his hometown of Hobart, Tasmania to travel around Australia in a camper van.

East sold of all of his possessions, but the one thing he couldn’t part with was his black rescue cat Willow, so he decided to take her along for the ride.

East describes Willow as the perfect travel companion because she is so “chilled out”. She spends most of her time off a leash and loves to explore the areas they stay. To keep her safe she wears a tracking collar, which gives East piece of mind as it allows him to locate her instantly if she ever wanders off.

The pair have travelled more than 50,000 km around Australia and the kitty has seen more of Australia than most Australians ever will. They’ve sailed the Great Barrier Reef, camped in mountains and travelled thousands of kilometres of gravel roads from Bourketown in Queensland all the way up to the Northern Territory.

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~Happiness is spending some quality time with your cat!

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?!Breaking News!?After a 10 hour nap at the back of the van, Willow has made the arduous journey to the front of the van to watch the last of the sunset. How long she will spend there who knows but I suspect she might let me know it's dinner time pretty soon ?❤️

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~ That time we travelled along the 90 Mile Straight on our way into South Australia. The sides of the road were littered with car wrecks that didn't quite make the journey. After long days driving we camped at some beautiful places over the Great Australian Bight.

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East says it’s been so much fun sharing their adventures with the world and loves receiving messages from people. The pair even have a calendar prepared for 2018 to keep people inspired every day of the year.

In February of this year the travel duo made it to South Australia, which meant that they have officially visited all six states and two territories of Australia. East says that “this is what is known in Aussie adventure cat slang as a purrfect eight.”

Even though they’ve almost made it back to their home state, East says he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“We have adapted to life on the road and have made it our life now. You have to choose what makes you happy in this life and while we can keep going, why would we stop?”

To keep up to date with East and Willow’s adventures, follow them on Instagram at @vancatmeow.

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