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The talented trio behind Fémina talk us through their journey from an Argentinian village to global headlines

On paper, folk, funk, and rap are three genres that an acoustic trio would have trouble fusing, yet Fémina is an Argentinian acoustic trio who elegantly incorporate all three and more into their dynamic music.

Formed in 2004 by a pair of sisters and their childhood friend, Fémina´s unique style is built from poetic harmonies, rhythmic Spanish rap, and a dramatic presence. The three women grew up in San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina, where they all received vocal training.

The Trucco sisters, Clara and Sofia, specialise in the mandolin-like ronroco from Bolivia, and a Peruvian percussion instrument called the cajon flamenco, respectively. The final member of the trio, Clara Miglioli, focuses instead on the vocals, lending her musical talents to other instruments as they are required for each song.

It is through their intense, dramatic presence though, that Fémina really make a name for themselves. Each of the women took acting classes, and they consistently deliver a high energy, captivating performances, earning their place at 2018´s MOFO festival.

MOFO is the powerfully provocative annual Festival Of Music and Art held by Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Entering its tenth and final year at MONA, the festival has built a reputation for showcasing an extremely diverse range of international artists across an equally diverse range of art forms. Nothing lies out of the scope of what MOFO will feature.

Your sound has evolved a lot since 2004, has the identity and message of Fémina evolved too?

“We are evolving all the time, it has to do with the experiences that we pass through in life, the places we know, the people we meet. In all these years we have travelled a lot, knowing cultures, different music, and inspiration all around. And I think Fémina is a mix of all of those things, of all those inspirations, that we express not only in our music, but in the lyrics, in the image, in the art.”

Can you talk us through the process of how a Fémina song is written?

“It depends a lot. Sometimes we create all together, from the music to the lyrics, and sometimes one of us brings an idea, a rap, a poem, a melody, and the others complement with new things.

“Anyways, we do it together, cause we find that the rich thing in what we do is the fusion of us three.”

How do you find performing Spanish language music to non-Spanish speaking audiences?

“Luckily it has always been a very good experience. Sometimes people don’t understand a word of what we are saying, so we talk to the audience a lot, we tell them our story, and what the songs are about, so that becomes very interesting, getting close to the people in that way. And people react so greatly!”

Who are some other artists who you are loving at the moment, and why?

Buttering Trio and all their collective, Raw Tapes are great, they are from Tel Aviv.

“Also Monika (Monika Christodoulou), a Greek songwriter. I just discovered her and particularly loved her last album Secret in the dark.”

Femina will be performing at Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art on January 19 and 20 as part of the MOFO festival. If you can’t make it to MOFO, you can check out their awesome sound on their bandcamp page, or stream straight from Spotify.