Featured Image for One of Trump’s tweets is being used in an Indian statistics test

One of Trump’s tweets is being used in an Indian statistics test

It was the tweet that launched a thousand memes.

Just after midnight on May 31st, U.S. President Donald Trump blasted out “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” to his millions of followers.

The tweet was quickly deleted but not before it had been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Clearly, Trump was trying to write “coverage” but then probably decided he wanted “coffee” and promptly fell asleep.

In a presidency that has been mostly terrifying, covfefe was a small ray of sunshine. It was wholesome, funny and a nice break from the vicious bile Trump usually splurts on Twitter. That moment of peace didn’t last long.

But the covfefe meme lives on and has turned up in a pretty strange place.

A photo of a test paper reportedly from the Indian Statistical Institue, is now going viral for its invocation of The Great Word.

The paper is dated December 1, and question five asks the test taker to calculate how long it will take for “Mr. Trump” to type “covfefe” on Facebook (not Twitter?) if he just starts banging out letters randomly from the “26 possible english alphabets”.

When it comes to things like this, you can always count on Reddit to deliver the goods.

It hasn’t taken long for the pic to end up on r/India, where people are having a damn good go at solving the problem.

As you can see by this comment, answering this question isn’t so easy. You need to know about things such as “Martingales, Optional Stopping Theorem and Stopping Time”. To be honest, covfefe makes more sense to me.

Another Redditor claims to have solved the problem and estimates it would take Trump about 21.5 million years to randomly bash out the mystical word.

The same Redditor notes that the problem harks back to the old famous “Infinite Monkey Thereom” and may be a subtle dig at Trump. That thereom states that a monkey hitting keys at random for an infinite amount of time will be able to type the complete works of William Shakespeare.

So, maybe the more important question is this: Is the prof who made the test calling Trump a monkey? Odds on that are pretty good.

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