This eyeshadow is a mouthwatering hot chocolate for your face

Hot chocolate and makeup all in one? Could life get any better?

With the Northern Hemisphere winter approaching, residents are getting ready for the freeze they’re about to experience. This includes warm, fluffy clothing, pumpkin soup, and hot chocolate makeup… Wait, what?

Trending right now on social media is a style of eyeshadow which takes inspiration from our favourite warm beverage. Started by 17-year-old self-taught Donna Cherry, the makeup trend is set to spread far and wide this cold season.

No, people aren’t drawing coffee mugs on their eyelids like the shocking meme make up trend that briefed us earlier this year…

Beauty babes are using a cut crease technique with creams, whites, and browns to blend into a mesmerising pool of colour evocative of chocolate and marshmallows.

People are also calling the hot chocolate technique ombre eyeshadow, for its gentle transitions between colours.

For now, we think we’re going to stick to drinking hot chocolate while staring at pictures of other peoples’ perfectly placed eyeshadow.