This sweet chocolate sounds EVEN BETTER than it tastes

Chocolate in the shape of the vibrations of your voice waves is being made and our hearts are melting as fast as the candy.

Japan’s biggest phone operator company, NTT Docomo, has released the statistic that since mobile messaging, voice communication has fallen by 50 per cent. This info sparked a creative opportunity for the company to remind people about the importance and emotional substance of voice.

The company had the idea that voice is an utterly personal trait and expression of individuality. Verbal communication is also one of the most important factors in any relationship. In saying this, voices can’t be seen, so the company had to explore a way that the voice could be represented.

Agency Hakuhodo had the task of creating voice in object form. They invented a creative, tangible way to share voices with loved ones.

People were invited to record their voices in the form of a special message. They then measured the vocal vibrations which were turned into chladni shapes, visual patterns representing vibrations. With 3D modelling, these patterns were transformed into chocolate moulds. Unique chocolates were then created with the pattern indented. The receivers of the gift were able to scan the pattern on the chocolate with an app which played the recorded message.

It’s absolutely the most thoughtful thing ever. The chocolates were even delivered on Valentine’s Day!

The chocolate looks gorgeous, and it sounds even better.

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