These Star Wars dildos will help you awaken the force

Look like popsicles they might, but lick you should not.

Aussie adult goods company Geeky Sex Toys has released a 12-item collection of pleasure-inducing paraphernalia inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Among the Star Toys products is the lube-requiring Hand Solo, the Dark Side Bondage Kit, LED light saber dildos, and the classic Darth Vibrator.

For the uninitiated, GST is the same brilliant gang that brought you the Xenodong:

and the Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers:

The selection’s pretty solid, save for the Dildoda. For goodness’ sake, who’d want that wrinkly green thing inside them?! (Actually, they’d probably sell out in Comic-Con.)

And then of course there’s this little problem we’re anticipating: Some unassuming child will watch Return Of The Jedi, agree that it’s the best Star Wars film ever, and go online to look for any and every toy related to the film franchise. When Google’s done with him, so is his youthful innocence.

While the GST team declares on their website that their noble aim is to “change the stigma around adult toys by re-imagining them in a fun and nerdy way,” we believe a simple age verification prompt could do wonders for their cause.

To see the full Star Toys catalog, click here.