Guy constantly borrows other peoples cats for the Insta likes

What do you when you love cats, but don’t have the room to own one because you’ve already got a dog? You borrow other peoples’ cats, of course.

Sounds weird, right? Well, Nick Canning, avid dog and cat lover, who has no room for a kitty due to already owning an Australian cattle dog, has found this to be the perfect solution to his problem.

Every time Canning spots a new feline friend he will pick it up and take a picture with it to upload to his social media.

He told Love Meow that, “most of the cats in my pictures are my friends, and a few in there are strays or farm cats.

“I put one picture up, and my friends like it because I look a bit awkward holding cats, so I just kept it going. If it can help cats get adopted, that’d be even better.”

Check out the funny photos below:

You’ve really got to admire his passion for wanting to meet, cuddle and love as many cats as he possibly can. To keep up to date with all of the cats he meets, follow him on Instagram here.

Let’s hope that Canning can move into a bigger place soon so that he can have a cat or two of his own.