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Watch out, there’s a zombie teddy bear invasion coming

Struggling to think of the perfect present for your loved one this Christmas? Well, look no further. After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a creepy zombified teddy bear.

That’s right, some sicko has taken one of the most adorable things on the planet and turned them into flesh eating monsters, which he calls Undead Teds.

This person is UK artist Philip Blackman, and he says, “the inspiration came from a rather obscure in-joke between my partner and I. She had a terrible cold at the time and we’d been talking about a gift for a friend’s baby.

“With a very stuffy nose “teddy-bear” kept coming out as “deady-bear”, and we joked about zombie teddies that creep from under your bed at night to feast on your brains while you sleep.”

Check out his work below:

Blackman has incredible workmanship and it’s clear that a huge amount of work goes into each piece.

“I individually hand-sculpt the bones, teeth and other organs from polymer clay or latex, then open the bear’s carcass, scoop out as necessary and glue the bones into place.

“Each UndeadTed takes in excess of eight hours to make, not including the time it takes for glue, paint and varnish to dry, and I price them individually depending on size, complexity, materials used and time taken,” Blackman says.

“They’ve all been great fun to make but of all the ones I’ve made so far, my favourites are the Valentine ones, holding their torn-out hearts aloft as a grisly gift to their lovers. Horrible.”

Blackman takes anywhere from seven to ten days to complete a batch of 12 to 18 of the UndeadTeds. Due to their popularity and the small amount available at a time they sell out quickly – often within 20 minutes of being added to the shop.

The latest release on the UndeadTed’s website was October 30 and they’ve already sold out! But don’t worry, you can subscribe to the newsletter which will inform you of the next release date.

People are going nuts for the these toys and it really comes as no surprise, given this generation’s obsession with zombies. We probably wouldn’t suggest giving them to your kids though, unless you want to traumatise them for the rest of their lives.

Via Dangerous Minds