Featured Image for This typography project teaches us that A is for Apple and B is for Beats by Dre

This typography project teaches us that A is for Apple and B is for Beats by Dre

We’ve seen a lot of typography projects in our time, but nothing quite like this.

Rio de Janeiro-based graphic designer Vinicius Araújo has created a remarkable typography project titled 36 days, which showcases the letters of the alphabet in the shape of well-known gadgets.

Each letter is a gadget that begins with the same letter. For instance, the letter ‘J’ has been designed to look like a JBL speaker.

The letter ‘B’ is based on the brand beats by Dr. Dre.

The letter ‘N’ has been created to look like a Nintendo Entertainment System.

You get the point. But how amazing do they look?

Araújo has used Helvetica as the font of choice and the project is a tribute to past and present electronics that we all know and love.

Moreover, Araújo, has also created gadgets for the numbers 0 to 9.

Araújo has not explained what 36 days is about so it is left up to us to interpret for ourselves. But, he did add this along with the project, so that people could see what gadgets correspond with the letters.

Having each letter and number photographed in front of the same grey backdrop and from the same camera angle really makes all the difference, as it allows them to stand out and flow beautifully together as a series of work. Not only did Araújo pay attention to detail of each individual piece, but of the work as a whole.

The only thing we would change would be making them available to purchase, because how amazing would it be to have one?

This piece truly shows an amazing combination of graphic, industrial and motion design.

Be sure to check out Araújo’s Behance for more inspiring work from this Brazilian talent.

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