Japan’s tallest skyscraper is celebrating its anniversary by featuring giant Tetris

In Japan (of course) a 12-metre wall inside a skyscraper will be turned into a gigantic Tetris playing board during the holidays, giving visitors the chance to try their skills at the iconic game while enjoying the city’s majestic night skyline.

Standing 300 metres tall, the Abeno Harukas in Osaka is the tallest skyscraper in the Land of the Rising Sun. In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, the building will host “Play! Tetris Tower” – an event in which visitors will be able to play the seminal game in two-player sessions of around 3 minutes.

The playing screen will be projected on the West side of the mammoth building, while the gamer is located on the Harukas observation deck on the 60th floor. There will be three control stations available.

Each game of Tetris will be projected onto a section of wall within the skyscraper measuring 12 metres high and 3.5 metres wide.

The first Tetris event of its kind in the country, Play! Tetris Tower has been running from Friday, December 1 and will conclude on Wednesday, February 28 next year. It will be free to play, although admission is charged to enter the viewing platform where the game will be held.

Developed in 1984, the original Tetris turned 33 this year.

The Abeno Harukas anniversary celebrations include other crazy events including the hyped-up “Sakura Pool” – a gigantic pool full of pink plastic balls and Pokemon-like plush creatures – and “City Light Fantasia by NAKED”, a jaw-dropping spectacle in which surreal animations are projected on the glass walls of the skyscraper.

It’s no secret that one of the unique traits of Japanese culture from the rest of the world is their penchant for blending the old and the new. Heian period Kimonos coexist on their streets with Holographic pop stars and billboard-size video screens.

The country is currently going through yet another wave of nostalgia for 8bit and 16bit video games, along with hit products from the 80s. As an example, earlier this year the Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Original Model was launched with complete success, and Nintendo recently re-released their Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom and Nintendo Famicom Mini NES Classic Consoles.