LAEM Sessions: Josh Pyke tells us what it’s like at the top of the Aussie music industry

Earlier this year we invited Aussie songwriter Josh Pyke onto the Lost At E Minor rooftop to perform a couple of his tunes. After the gig, we interviewed him about his quarter-century career in the Australian music industry.

Josh’s sound has evolved from one intertwined with grungy electric guitars into an acoustic, introspective and all-enveloping style, so we were very curious to find out more about his musical journey.

He told us about the goals he set at the beginning of his career, and how he went about achieving them, before shedding some light on what it’s like to work at the top of the Australian music industry.

You can watch Josh telling us about his five career goals in the player above.

How did you become so immersed in music? What were the triggers that enabled you to pursue music as a career?

“Music was always the thing that I felt connected to, and that came naturally to me. Some people are great at sport, so they immerse themselves in that. For me, losing myself in music was the thing that not only felt best to me, but also felt effortless.

“Even the hard work didn’t seem like an effort because I also enjoyed it. I never studied music, and didn’t even get the chance to do music in high school. So the triggers for pursuing music as a career was really just a passion for it.”

Who were the musical inspirations along the way that helped shape your very distinct sound?

“Early on it was the 70’s singer-songwriters in my parents’ record collection – people like James Taylor and Jackson Browne. And then, later, it was very much Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens.”

Watch Josh perform an acoustic version of his classic track, Middle of The Hill, which was ranked 19th in the 2005 triple j hottest 100.

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