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Hugh Jackman and John Cena roasting each other is the most bizarrely cute thing you’ll see today

During a recent episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, WWE wrestler turned actor John Cena gave lauded star Hugh Jackman a quick rundown on how to trash talk like the pros, and needless to say, Wolverine killed it.

Corden praised Cena’s WWE exploits, expressing his admiration of the wrestler’s ability to reverse trash-talk – the delicate art of getting very aggressive in your opponents’ faces without actually saying anything rude or offensive.

Cena performed his talents on a member of the audience, and on Corden himself, before setting the stage for Jackman to give it a go.

And well, he’s f***ing Wolverine! What would you expect to happen?

Cena recently voiced the main character on Blue Sky’s new film Ferdinand while Jackman is currently promoting his new film The Greatest Showman, to be released this week.

Jackman and Cena

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