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Grandma didn’t get the memo that G-strings aren’t for the Christmas tree

One of the best Christmas rituals is setting up the Christmas tree, adding the tinsel, lights, ornaments and of course, who could forget the star on top. But one grandmother decided that her tree was in need of a few G-strings.

Okay, so in her defence, she hadn’t realised that those things she hung on the tree were G-strings as they were concealed inside of a clear bauble.

The woman’s granddaughter, Alex Bermingham, was the first to discover her grandmother’s mistake, taking to Twitter to tell users about how she had somehow decorated her tree with sparkly, purple unmentionables.

Why these baubles even exist, we do not know. At first, we assumed grandma is doing her Christmas shopping at the XXX adult store down the road without realising. But then her granddaughter dropped this bombshell:

Turns out Dunnes Stores is a giant, multi-national retailer stocking food, fashion and homewares. Why they sell G-banger baubles is a mystery.

Also, are people really buying these for their wives and girlfriends? Any G-string stuffed inside a plastic bauble has got to be terrible quality, right? At least they’re the perfect size and shape to throw at your partner if they are bought for you.

But if these G-strings are for you, we hope you enjoy having a very kinky Christmas. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

Fortunately for Miss Bermingham, people responded to her post with examples of similar hilarious incidents.

Ahh, grandmas, sometimes we just don’t deserve the joy that they bring to our lives.

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