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We get Aussie dance gods RÜFÜS to reveal their 2018 New Year’s resolutions

The masters of euphoric dance anthems, RÜFÜS, are coming back home.

After a spell in Los Angeles, the Aussie three-piece are back on home soil for a very special set at Lost Paradise.

The boys are headlining the first official night of the Glenworth Valley festival and are poised to put on a show that won’t quickly be forgotten.

BUT, the new year period isn’t just about music festivals and fireworks – it’s about brutal, humiliating self-evaluation and wildly unrealistic goal-setting for the year ahead.

So I had a chat with keyboardist Jon about his own new year’s resolutions, the plans for the band in 2018 and the upcoming gig at Lost Paradise.

Lost Paradise stage

Lost Paradise is set for another belter of a year.

What have you guys got in store for your set at Lost Paradise?

I feel like it’s the pinnacle of what the rest of the touring’s been working towards because we’re trying to garner that energy and get everyone super hyped.

New Year’s, everyone’s already bringing that energy, so it’s the perfect storm where everything comes together and everyone gets to unleash that energy together, so it’s a really fun time to play.

We’ve got a couple of embellishments, new slants on things.

And we’ve just been working on a new album, but I think we are trying to keep our cards close to our chest and we’re revamping an older track, which we’re really excited to play too.

What’s your most ambitious New Year’s resolution ever?

I’m sure I’ve had a few revolving around stopping drinking and things like that, but that’s come nowhere near happening.

Nothing too ambitious. I think I’m very aware of my limitations, and I’m like, “I’m gonna just set the bar really low.”

Did you have any this year?

Because we’re on the road so much, one thing is just trying to make a conscious effort to contact back home more often and keep in contact with friends and stuff.

It just sucks being away from everyone for so long, so you really have to put in the work just to keep in touch with everyone.

Another thing is honing our craft, so trying to learn more and more about playing keyboard, playing piano.

Trying to learn different shades of what you do, like stepping into the jazz world and things like that.

Jon tickling the ivory at ACL Music Festival.

Jon tickling the ivory at ACL Music Festival.

What are your goals as a band for 2018?

Well we’ve set up shop here in Venice Beach and we’ve been writing this record for a few months now and we’re really excited about where it’s headed.

So we’re really gonna knuckle down in January, February, and March and really take this thing as far as it can go and push ourselves even further.

It’s just all of our energies straight into this next album for sure.

You’ve mentioned that you guys have been ‘going analogue’ for the new album – can we expect a whole different sound from this one?

I think sonically it’s definitely opened up a lot more, but we’ve always been writing with synthesisers, and we still are, so there’s just a much richer tone.

It’s just a subtle difference, but there’s definitely a lot more live instrumentation.

Actually just today we recorded with a real piano and lots of drums and stuff. So yeah, it’s definitely like what we were trying to imitate on previous albums – we’ve just got the luxury to pursue it on this one.

Rufus at Red Rocks

The lads tearing it up at Red Rocks festival earlier in the year.

And how about your live shows? Any plans for 2018?

Yeah, I think that we’re playing larger and larger shows in America, which is really good because we were already playing a lot of shows in Australia.

So it’s great to expand the show a lot more than we have in the past so that we can have this larger stage-sized kit that we can travel around the world with.

I think we always want to focus on what we’re doing live rather than having a video screen or anything taking away from us, but yeah, maybe some little tricks and lighting designs that can really highlight what we’re doing on stage, which would be exciting to sort of start designing next year.

You can party with Rufus at Lost Paradise – final release tickets are almost sold out but you can get your mits on the last ones over here . Also, check out Lost At E Minor’s guide to the festival