Found At E Minor: Not even Da Vinci could crunch the numbers on this algorithmic art

Let’s face it, knitting isn’t exactly the coolest hobby on the planet, but that hasn’t stopped Greek-born Petros Vrellis from creating breathtaking artworks with just a loom and some thread.

Well, a lot of thread actually, up to two kilometres, and some pretty sophisticated help from a computer.

Petros, who has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Art Sciences, strings his thread in straight lines between the 200 anchor pegs around the circumference of his loom.

The empty space appears white, whilst a dark tone appears wherever the black thread runs. As the kilometres of thread begin to stack up and intersect each other, the tone appears darker, so a full grayscale palette can be achieved.

What is incredible about this art style, however, is that just a few short decades ago, it would not have been possible. The pattern that the thread makes in order to create the portraits requires over two billion calculations. Petros uses an algorithm to convert a digital photo or picture into a long list of instructions.

The production of such emotional and ominous art from such a methodical, mathematical approach is inspiring, and reminds us of Leonardo Da Vinci and his work.

If you’re a fan of Petros’s work, you should definitely check out the knits he has for sale over on his saatchiart store.

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