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Dad finds powerbank in daughter’s bedroom, thinks it’s a sex toy

There’s nothing more awkward in life than discussing anything to do with sex with your parents.

Literally nothing. Especially when the sex talk is with your dad, and it’s about pleasuring yourself.

So, when Twitter user Emily received a message from her dad, telling her that he’d found her vibrator, hilarity ensued.

Initially, you think it’ll be Emily feeling embarrassed, but it’s her dad that’s left red faced.

On the hunt for a chapstick in her room (as all dads are, right?) Emily’s dad happens upon a power bank which he instantly assumes to be a sex toy. Because that’s totally the type of thing a teenage girl would leave lying around for her parents to find.

Emily obviously tweeted about the incident, though it seems she has since taken down the post – but not before people could ask her all the important questions.

Like, for one, did her Dad ever find the precious chapstick that led him to stumble upon the sex toy that isn’t really one at all.

(He did find it, in case you were wondering.)

Secondly, why did her dad even want to use her chapstick in the first place. Why doesn’t he have his own?

To which Emily responded appropriately.

But back to the real issue at hand, Twitter users had a lot of opinions on her dad even bringing the subject up with his daughter.

Others weren’t convinced by the story, confused as to why her dad would go looking around her room for lip balm and then message her to say that he’d found her “toy” out in the open.

Lastly, people wanted to find out what her mother made of the whole situation.

Overall there was mostly a lot of back and forth as to whether it was normal for parents to discuss masturbation with their kids. A lot of people say yes, as healthy adults, no topic should be off the table.

But, honestly the thought of discussing anything sex related with my parents makes me shudder and I would like no part in that.

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